The VION Consumer Monitor – Category monitoring right down to retail outlets

Together with GfK Germany in 2007 VION created a platform to systematically decode consumers’ needs and demands with regard to meat and meat products: the VION Consumer Monitor. Since then 4,000 households participating in the GfK Frische Panel have, within the scope of the VION Consumer Monitor, regularly, representatively and exclusively been surveyed concerning their attitudes, wishes and purchasing behaviour with regard to meat.  

And this only represents the starting point for the task, since the VION Consumer Monitor goes far beyond a normal survey. Because by combining the survey results with the actual purchasing data for the households surveyed it is possible to gain deeper insights into consumer behaviour:

- What do consumers think about meat?

- What value do they place on regionality, sustainability or meat in daily nutrition?

- How do consumers rate quality, freshness and trust in various retail outlets?

- And which attitude results in what actual purchases?

Detailed answers regarding these questions and corresponding trends are provided by the VION Consumer Monitor.

The VION Consumer Monitor demonstrates the qualitative and quantitative performance of individual retail outlets and provides decisive benchmarks. This allows us to gather centralised knowledge and individual recommendations for action. We are also happy to share this concentrated know-how, since it contributes to our partners’ success. And that is our definition of “partnership”.

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More knowledge, more success – with the VION Consumer Monitor

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